Friday, May 4, 2012

Bikes are fun Feb 2011

Riding bikes in Nana and Papa's neighborhood...

I think Gwen had outgrown her bike before she'd even learned to ride it!

Cool tricycle!

Now it's Gwen's turn on the tricycle...

Back at Nana's, Sassy must have found something interesting between the fence posts...

Still for just a moment. :)

Thing 2

Here are some pictures of my sweet, bossy, sassy, and motherly Gwen...

All tuckered out...

She says she wants to be Paula Deen or Rachel Ray when she grows up. :)

I can't give you that recipe- it's a secret!

Telling us that she's 4 years-old in this picture.

Gwen loves to swing!

A quick picture before church. :)

Thing 1

Here are some pictures of Henry. He's my sweet little mischief maker...:)

What a look! :)

He's always in motion!

One of Henry's favorite things to do is to hide in tight spaces- boxes, shelves, closets, etc.

He loved the texture of the grass and kept trying to hide in it, like he was in the jungle. :)

Another one of Henry's favorite past times- climbing!

Look who got a big boy haircut! Where did my little toddler go?

In this series of pictures, Henry had found a Hershey's kiss and run into the playhouse to hide while he ate it. When he was discovered, he quickly closed his eyes so that I couldn't see him. Ha, ha! Makes sense to me! He cracks me up! (That's chocolate running down his chin!)


It snows so rarely here, that we have to capture the moment when it happens! The kids (and Daddy) were thrilled to play outside. :)

The kids were so happy to finally be able to use their winter jackets! :) That's the weather for you in Georgia! They all stayed outside until they were shivering and Daddy had to bring them in, but they had a great time!